Macedonian Village

5225 Howard Avenue, LaSalle, ON N9H 0J2


Saturday June 15th   12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Sunday June 16th      12:00 pm – 10:00 pm




Come and enjoy 50 years of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and experience

the Macedonian culture.  View our ethnological display – from the grandmother’s

hands while you delight in the dance, music and food of Macedonia.


Things to eat!

Meat dishes:

Kebabs ( 6 pcs)                                                  1 ticket for $12

Shish Kebab (2 pcs)                                         1 ticket for $12

Combo (3 pcs Kebaps & 1 Shish Kebap) 1 ticket for $12

All of the above include bread, coleslaw and one side dish


Side dishes - Macedonian style beans, potato salad, rice

Macedonian Style Cabbage Rolls (SARMI)         $2.5/pc


Salted Pies:   $4 - 6$

Zelnik with leek, spinach or chesse


Pitulici with Feta Cheese


Sweets:            $1- $3



Apple strudel


Things to do!

Saturday, June 15th

5:00 pm          Macedonian dance group

7pm – 1am    Live band


Sunday, June 16th

2:00 pm          Nupur Jhankar (Hindu Dancers)

6:00 pm          Belly dance group

Live band music to follow until 10pm


Where to park.

Parking is available onsite.


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