Hungarian Village.

790 Hanna Street East.

Windsor. Ontario.


Saturday June 15th     12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Sunday June 16th         12:00 pm – 8:00 pm



Come and join us for a celebration of Hungarian Culture. Taste the delicious spicy goulash

along with sausage and cabbage rolls. Sample our homemade pastry only available at the

Carrousel. Sit back, relax and enjoy folk music and dance ensembles performing throughout

the weekend. Low prices, high quality foods. Celebrate our rhythm of life in Canada with us.


Things to eat!

Kolbasz sandwich                $6

Gulyas soup                            $7

Pork schnitzel                         $6

Cabbage rolls                         $6

Crepes                                       $2

Home-baked pastries         $2

Elephant ears                         $3


Things to do!

June 15th

1:00 pm          Windsor Slovak Rozmarin Dancers

2:00 pm          Nupur Jhankar (Classic Indian Dancers)

3:00 pm          Filipino Salin Lahi Dance Group

4:00 pm          Szikra ( Hungarian Dance Group)

5:00 pm          Windsor Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School & Ensemble.          

5:30 pm          D.J. Takács Zoltán


June 16th

1:00 pm          Bangladesh Canada Association Dance group.

2:00 pm          ECCCA Folk Dance Group (Chinese Dancers)

3:00 pm          Szikra (Hungarian Dance Group)

4:00 pm          German Youth Dance Group       

5:00 pm          Nupur Jhankar (Classic Indian Dancers)

6:00 pm          Windsor Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School & Ensemble

6:30 pm          Rapsodia (Romanian Dance Group)

Where to park.

Nearest Intersection-Parent and Hanna

Parking lot space may be available at the 700 Tecumseh Road parking lot.



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