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East African Village

Riverside Sportsmen Club

10835 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, ON N8P 1A5


Saturday, June 17, 2023                        12pm – 10pm


Visit the East African Village to experience the cultures of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. These three east African counties not only share borders - they also share similar cuisines, customs and language. Join us to celebrate and learn about the East African nations while basking in the sun overlooking the lake.


• “Nyama choma” charcoal roasted Beef, and chicken

• “ Pilau” Swahili spiced rice made with beef

• “Kachumbari” Swahili salad tomatoes, onions, lemon

• Beef Samosas and peas samosas.

• Chapati, Swahili flat bread

• White steamed Rice

• “Mihogo” fried Cassava



• "Kabalagala”, Banana and Cassava cakes,

• “Mahamri” Swahili donuts made with flour, coconut milk and Cardamom seeds.

 • “Kokoto: Swahili donuts made with flour, eggs and butter.


• Plate A: Pilau or Steamed rice, Chapati, roast chicken, Kachumbari and eggplant.

• Plate B: Nyama Choma, Fried Cassava, and Kachumbari (Sold in threes)



Homemade Juice: Passion, Mango and ginger Juice.

Swahili spiced tea as well as Kenya famous coffee will be available.


There is ample parking at Riverside Sportsmen Club.

We prefer Debit or Credit.


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