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Dutch Village

The Grove Brewing Company 86

Wigle Ave. Unit 1, Kingsville

Hours of operation.

Saturday, June 15th 9:00AM - 11:00PM

For Full Details on the DUTCH VILLAGE:
Dutch Village - Carrousel of the Nations | The Grove Brewing Company (


Kapsalon - Fries topped with gouda cheese, gyro meat, iceburg lettuce, pickled onion and garlic fritessaus.

Broodje Warm Vlees - Sliced pork, iceburg lettuce, pickled onion, and satay sauce on a warm bun.

Boerenkool - Smoked sausage over a bed of smashed potatoes and kale.

Bitterballen - Fried beef stew balls served with fritessaus.

Hollandse Nieuwe - Pickled Herring, chopped white onion, gherkin.

Chicken Satay - Grilled chicken skewers flavored with soy, lime, and ginger and served with a peanut dipping sauce.

Hutspot - Smashed potatoes and carrots served with brisket and smoked sausage.

Stroopwafle Ice Cream - Dutch chocolate ice cream with bits of wafer cookie and caramel sauce.

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