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The Carrousel Youth Ambassador Program is a region-wide search for individuals ages 16-24 to represent, embody, and champion the spirit of Carrousel of the Nations. 


Up to 12 Carrousel Ambassadors will be chosen to showcase the importance of celebrating culture and treasuring tradition across Windsor and Essex County.  Together, these Ambassadors will share information about Carrousel of the Nations, promote cultural and ethnic organizations in our community, and help celebrate the diversity of our region.  Carrousel Ambassadors will take part in official media events, social media campaigns, and 2021 Carrousel events.

Program benefits

• $250 Honorarium.

• Opportunity to represent Carrousel and your community in promoting cultural

   diversity and multiculturalism.


• Official Carrousel Ambassador shirt.


• Complimentary Cultural Competency training from the Multicultural Council


• Featured in a short promotional video for Carrousel of the Nations


• Invited to Carrousel and Multicultural Council events.

Carrousel Youth Ambassador Expectations


All Carrousel Ambassadors, must be residents of Windsor-Essex and will be required to meet the obligations of their positions including;

• Carrousel Ambassadors will each serve a term of approximately one year.

   2021 Ambassadors will represent Carrousel until June 1, 2022.


• Carrousel Ambassadors will each participate in an online MCC Cultural

   Competence Training session.


• Carrousel Ambassadors will participate in Carrousel events* as required.


• Carrousel Ambassadors will take part in social media campaigns

   related to Carrousel of the Nations.


• Carrousel Ambassadors will take part in media interviews

   related to the celebration of culture and Carrousel of the Nations.


•  Carrousel Ambassadors will appear in a profile video

    highlighting their role in celebrating culture.


• Carrousel Ambassadors will be encouraged to take part in

   Multicultural Council initiatives as representatives of Carrousel of the Nations.

• Carrousel Ambassadors will prepare a short report at the conclusion of the program.


*online events until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 

The 2021 festival will be online – Carrousel@Home.

All entries must include a completed application form and video, and be submitted electronically by Monday June 07, 2021 at 4:00pm.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Youth Ambassador Application


Videos may be recorded ‘selfie-style’ on mobile devices.

In less than 5 minutes please introduce yourself, then provide answers to the following questions:


1. Why do you feel it is important to celebrate culture?

2. How do you personally contribute to the celebration of your culture?

3. Explain the importance of Carrousel of the Nations in celebrating culture and promoting diversity in Windsor-Essex.


Please submit your video via dropbox here. Be sure to add your name to the file. example . Please return to this page after uploading your video and hit the submit button below. Thanks!

Thanks for submitting!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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