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Thanks to the leadership of the Multicultural Council and its partners,  Carrousel of the Nations has been a free event for 48 years. Help us ensure the celebration of culture and tradition continues.

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25 Villages announced for 2023

Bavarian Village

Open June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

Heimat Windsor Banquet Centre

1367 Drouillard Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2R8

Caribbean Village

Open June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

Windsor West Indian Association Caribbean Centre

2410 Central Avenue, Windsor, ON N8W 4J4

Chinese Village

Open June 24, 25

Essex County Chinese Canadian Association

1420 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON N8W 1C1

East African Village

Open June 17, 18

Riverside Sportsmen Club

10835 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, ON N8P 1A5

Filipino Village

Open June 17, 18

Filipino Community Centre 

935 Northwood Street, Windsor, ON N9E 1A2 

German Village

Open June 24

Fogolar Furlan Club of Windsor

1800 North Service Road, Windsor, ON N8W 1Y3 

German Village Leamington

Open June 24

Leamington Lebanese Club Cedar Lounge  (Rhine Danube)

447 Highway 77 North, Leamington ON N8H 3V6

Ghanaian Village

Open June 24


2760 Howard Avenue, Windsor, ON, N8X 3X6

Greek Village

Open June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

3052 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8W 3R3

Hungarian Village

Open June 17, 18

Hungarian Cultural Centre - Mindszenty Hall 

790 Hanna Street East, Windsor, ON N8X 2N6

Italian Leamington Village

Open June 23

Leamington Roma Club

19 Seacliff Drive East, Leamington, ON, N8H 2L3

Italian Village - Via Italia

Open June 23, 24, 25

Via Italia 

Erie Street East between Howard & Parent, Windsor, ON N9A 3Y4

Indian Village

Open June 24, 25

The City Market

1030 Walker Road, Windsor, ON, N8Y 2N5

Lebanese Village Leamington

Open June 24

Leamington Lebanese Club Cedar Lounge

447 Highway 77 North, Leamington ON N8H 3V6

Macedonian Village

Open June 17, 18

St. Nicholas Macdenonian Centre
5225 Howard Ave, 
LaSalle, ON N9A 6Z6

Mexican Village

Open June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25


400 Erie Street East Suite 3, Windsor, ON, N9A 3X4

Nepali - Bhutanese Village

Open June 18

Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & Creative Arts

664 Victoria Avenue, Windsor, ON, N9A 4N2

Nigerian Village

Open June 24, 25


3176 Walker Road; Windsor, ON N8W 3R5

Polish Beach Village

Open June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

Polish Beach Club

697 Fox Place, Colchester, ON  N0R 1G0

Polish Village Windsor

Open June 16, 17, 18

Polish Club / Dom Polski Hall

1275 Langlois Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 4G2

Scottish Village

Open June 16, 17, 23, 24

Scottish Club of Windsor

1340 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON,  N8W 1B8

Serbian Gracanica Village

Open June 23, 24, 25

Serbian Centre

6770 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON, N8T 1E6

Serbian St. Dimitrije Village

Open June 17

2690 Seminole St, Windsor, ON, N8Y 1X7

Slovak Village

Open June 25

1520 Cyril`s Slovak Centre

1520 Chandler Road; Windsor, ON, N8Y 4P4

Windsor Korean Village

Open June 17

The Korean Society of Windsor

506 Irvine Avenue; Windsor, ON, N8X 2T2


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All Videos

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Multicultural Council Unveils Carrousel of the Nations Mural


Windsor, ON – The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County (MCC) unveiled their very first Carrousel of the Nations Mural today at Devonshire Mall.


Made possible in part by the Government of Canada, the mural recognizes the multi-award-winning event and its 45+ year history of celebrating culture in Windsor-Essex.


“Since its inception in 1976, Carrousel has showcased Windsor-Essex as one of the most diverse regions in Canada.” Said Kathleen Thomas, Executive Director.  “Ethnocultural villages across the community have spent decades celebrating culture and treasuring traditions for all to enjoy.  As a result, Carrousel has become one of the oldest and most beloved festivals in the country.  The MCC is proud of its role as founder and organizer of Carrousel and appreciates every volunteer, sponsor and visitor who has contributed to its longevity and success. This mural is a celebration of everyone who has every played a part in making Carrousel an important part of this community’s history.”


Designed by local artist David Creed, the mural measures 16’ x 28’ and will be on display at Devonshire Mall. The digital design reflects the spirit of Carrousel and is made up of nearly ten thousand photographs captured at Carrousel over the years.


“The mural had to be energetic, colourful, historical, memorable and interactive.  After working through about 40 designs, I felt this one truly spoke to the festival’s history.”  said local artist David Creed.  “We are such a diverse community.  All of us live and work with each other and just so happen to have wonderful cultural backgrounds that can be shared with our neighbours.  To me, it’s like a great history class that we will all get to take and enjoy”.


The mission of the Multicultural Council is to ‘create a welcoming community for all through education, community engagement and the promotion of diversity and equality’.  Carrousel’s role in making the region welcoming and inclusive - is unmatched.


“For nearly five decades Carrousel of the Nations has provided an opportunity for people in Windsor-Essex to gather together to learn about and celebrate the many different cultures that make our region unique,” said Allison Johnson, MCC President and Chair of Carrousel of the Nations. “The food, art, entertainment and exhibits Carrousel village volunteers share each year support the MCC in its mission to create a welcoming community for all.  We look forward to continuing this tradition and welcoming everyone back to Carrousel of the Nations in person when it is safe to gather together again, but in meantime, we are proud to share this mural of Carrousel memories with our community.”


To view the mural in person, visit for mall hours. View the mural online at


Mural visitors are invited to take photos and share using the hashtag #carrousel or tag @carrouselmcc.  We ask that visitors respect all health protocols and keep a safe distance.


Continuing our mission of creating a welcoming community for all,

The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County is excited to announce that with the support of ethnic and cultural organizations across our community, the spirit of windsor’s longest running festival is back (and a little different again)

this year. 


245 Janette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 4Z2

About Carrousel of The Nations

About The Carrousel of The Nations

Carrousel of the Nations originated in June 1974, when the Arts Committee of Windsor, with the help of a $3,500 grant from the Ministry of Culture and Recreation, presented Windsor’s inaugural Multicultural Festival. 

Held at St. Clair College’s Patterson Campus, the first Multicultural Festival was comprised of three days of folk arts, crafts and foods. The weekend’s finale featured a concert at the former Cleary Auditorium with eighteen groups performing to an audience of over 800. The festival was regarded as a tremendous success and inspired what we today know as the Carrousel of the Nations. 

The following year, with co-operation from the Freedom Festival, a downtown bazaar was held in the Cleary Auditorium parking lot featuring fourteen ethnic food booths together with a large exhibit of cultural artifacts. In 1976, the Ontario Government announced a cultural grants program inviting groups to submit their proposals for the Cultural Olympics.

Formal planning began in February 1976, and the weekend of June 11th was confirmed along with the concept of separate ethno-cultural villages - Carrousel of the Nations.

47 years later, the award-winning Carrousel of the Nations is an integral part of the region’s summer festival season. Carrousel engages through food, music, and dance. The only ethnic and multicultural festival in the region, Carrousel provides residents and visitors with exposure to a wide array of cultures and traditions which they may otherwise never experience. The MCC is proud to coordinate the efforts of individual ethnic communities and to assist in educating and entertaining countless attendees as we celebrate the diversity that makes Windsor so amazing. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person in 2023!

June 16-18 and June 23-25




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