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Thanks to the leadership of the Multicultural Council and its partners,  Carrousel of the Nations has been a free event for 47 years. Help us ensure the celebration of culture and tradition continues.

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Windsor-Essex, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and our stomachs) for coming out and discovering Carrousel! You danced, you laughed, you shared, and you most definitely ATE! 🎉

We are very happy to say that this has been one of our best years yet, and we have so many people to thank for that:
To our Villages, we offer our praise for the limitless passion and pride with which you celebrate and share your cultures.

To our sponsors, we express our deepest gratitude for your generosity and support, ensuring that Carrousel can continue to be a free event for all to enjoy.

And to all of our Carrouselers, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for your enthusiasm to discover the many different cultures and traditions that make our community so special.

Our community is a more welcoming one because of all of YOU 💜 See you next year!

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Wednesday May 11, 2022





WINDSOR - The multi-award-winning Carrousel of the Nations will return to its traditional format as an in-person festival this June. In 2020 and 2021, the event was presented online as Carrousel@Home. 


“Carrousel of the Nations has long been a mainstay of the region’s summer festival season, celebrating the diversity and cultural identities of the ethnic groups of Windsor-Essex” said Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County (MCC) Executive Director Fred Francis. “We are excited for the festival to return to an in-person format so that our community can immerse themselves in the culture and traditions that make our community unique”.


The only ethnic and multicultural festival in the region, Carrousel provides residents and visitors with exposure to a wide array of cultures and traditions which they may otherwise never experience. 


“This year’s theme is ‘Discover Carrousel’.” said Co-Chair and Multicultural Council President Allison Johnson.  “An invitation to join the millions of visitors who have enjoyed world-class performance groups, cultural displays, traditional music and the best part - iconic festival food! The traditions and celebrations that we have come to love and anticipate will be on full display for those who are ready to discover the world without leaving the region”.

The event is a coordinated event between the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County and individual ethnic communities, with support from sponsoring partners Government of Canada, LIUNA625, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, WFCU Credit Union, the Municipality of Leamington, Sirved and more.


This year’s dates are June 17-19 and June 24 – 26.


For more information, visit

For more information please contact,

Mirjana Gordic




September 10, 2021


Multicultural Council Unveils Carrousel of the Nations Mural


Windsor, ON – The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County (MCC) unveiled their very first Carrousel of the Nations Mural today at Devonshire Mall.


Made possible in part by the Government of Canada, the mural recognizes the multi-award-winning event and its 45+ year history of celebrating culture in Windsor-Essex.


“Since its inception in 1976, Carrousel has showcased Windsor-Essex as one of the most diverse regions in Canada.” Said Kathleen Thomas, Executive Director.  “Ethnocultural villages across the community have spent decades celebrating culture and treasuring traditions for all to enjoy.  As a result, Carrousel has become one of the oldest and most beloved festivals in the country.  The MCC is proud of its role as founder and organizer of Carrousel and appreciates every volunteer, sponsor and visitor who has contributed to its longevity and success. This mural is a celebration of everyone who has every played a part in making Carrousel an important part of this community’s history.”


Designed by local artist David Creed, the mural measures 16’ x 28’ and will be on display at Devonshire Mall. The digital design reflects the spirit of Carrousel and is made up of nearly ten thousand photographs captured at Carrousel over the years.


“The mural had to be energetic, colourful, historical, memorable and interactive.  After working through about 40 designs, I felt this one truly spoke to the festival’s history.”  said local artist David Creed.  “We are such a diverse community.  All of us live and work with each other and just so happen to have wonderful cultural backgrounds that can be shared with our neighbours.  To me, it’s like a great history class that we will all get to take and enjoy”.


The mission of the Multicultural Council is to ‘create a welcoming community for all through education, community engagement and the promotion of diversity and equality’.  Carrousel’s role in making the region welcoming and inclusive - is unmatched.


“For nearly five decades Carrousel of the Nations has provided an opportunity for people in Windsor-Essex to gather together to learn about and celebrate the many different cultures that make our region unique,” said Allison Johnson, MCC President and Chair of Carrousel of the Nations. “The food, art, entertainment and exhibits Carrousel village volunteers share each year support the MCC in its mission to create a welcoming community for all.  We look forward to continuing this tradition and welcoming everyone back to Carrousel of the Nations in person when it is safe to gather together again, but in meantime, we are proud to share this mural of Carrousel memories with our community.”


To view the mural in person, visit for mall hours. View the mural online at


Mural visitors are invited to take photos and share using the hashtag #carrousel or tag @carrouselmcc.  We ask that visitors respect all health protocols and keep a safe distance.


image 4.png



The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County has announced the selection of 13 youth for the newly-formed Carrousel Youth Ambassador Program.

As part of this year’s Carrousel celebration, the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County had launched a region-wide search for individuals to represent, embody, and champion the spirit of Carrousel of the Nations. Applicants were invited to submit a video answering questions about the importance of celebrating culture, and Carrousel’s significance to promoting diversity in Windsor.

“We are proud to introduce Carrousel’s first team of Carrousel Youth Ambassadors said Kathleen Thomas, Executive Director. “They each share a passion for their own culture, an appreciation for the value of multiculturalism and a determination to create a welcoming community for all. We are excited to see what the year will bring and the contribution they will make”.

Chosen to represent Carrousel of the Nations for 2021-2022 are:

Angelina A-gorilla  

Angelia is a 16 year old student at Holy Names Catholic High School.

Angelina is proud to celebrate her Filipino heritage at Carrousel each year by performing as a traditional dancer. She also teaches the traditional language of Tagalog to youth, and assists at community events.

Dana Salwan

Dana is 16 years old and attends Catholic Central High School. Dana enjoys sharing her Chaldean culture by introducing language, cooking, traditions and history to friends in person and on social media. Dana appreciates that “Carrousel celebrates a variety of cultures, bringing us closer together and helping us to unite”.


David Makarczyk

David is a 17 year old student at Assumption High School.  David dances at the Polish Carrousel Village and teaches the Polish language to youth. David is also a Polish poet, having won numerous competitions at an international level.

Garbrielle Manroe Dubois

17 year old Gabrielle recently graduated from Riverside Secondary School and will be attending the University of Windsor in September.  Gabrielle is an active volunteer with the Windsor West Indian Association.  She assists her community with special events and performs traditional Caribbean dancing at Carrousel.

Helena Vasic

Helena is a19 year old, third year math student at the University of Windsor. Helena enjoys Serbian folk dancing at community events including Carrousel of the Nations.She teaches the Serbian language to students and loves to cook traditional meals.


Ishita Kuthiala

Ishita is a 20 year old neuro science student at the University of Windsor.  Ishita is a classical Indian dancer and has performed at all of the Carrousel Villages. She is proud of her Indian heritage and shares traditions with friends.


Krystal Luu

Krystal is 21 years old and is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto.  She is passionate about maintaining the Cantonese language and sharing Chinese culture and traditions. Krystal is very interested in the role first generation Canadians can play in maintaining culture.


Lauren Lopez

Lauren is a 20 year old University of Windsor, Concurrent French Program student.  Lauren is a proud Italian-Canadian who feels that celebrating her culture honours her ancestors.  Lauren teaches Italian to students and participates in Italian cultural camps at the Ciociaro Club.

Natasha Nakhle

Natasha is a 16 year old student at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School.  Natasha performs traditional Lebanese dances at community festivals.  She runs a cultural youth group at her church and manages a children’s choir. She enjoys cooking traditional Lebanese meals and sharing with friends.


Olivia Stanco

Olivia is a 19 year old student studying law and politics at the University of Windsor.  Olivia is active in the local Polish community and dances traditional Polish dancing in Canada as well as the United States. She performs each year at Carrousel of the Nations.

Patricia Masika

Patricia is a 16 year old student at Holy Names Catholic High School.  Patricia arrived in Canada from Uganda in 2016 and is proud to celebrate her culture by cooking traditional foods, sewing traditional clothes and performing traditional dances.  

Pratham Gupta

Pratham is 17 years old and attends Academie Ste. Cecile International School.  Pratham speaks five languages and enjoys celebrating his culture with Punjabi and Bollywood style dancing, as well as with Hindi movies and songs.  He enjoys cooking traditional Indian dishes and feels sharing culture “fosters respect and open-mindedness.”


Zeena Biro

Zeena is a 24 year old neuro science student at the University of Windsor.

Zeena is one of the organizers of the Hungarian Village at Carrousel. She assists with the planning and marketing of the village and performs as a Hungarian folk dancer.


Together, these Ambassadors will share information about Carrousel of the Nations, promote cultural and ethnic organizations in our community, and help celebrate the diversity of our region.  

Each Ambassador will receive a $250 honorarium and will have an opportunity to take part in the MCC’s Cultural Competency Program. They will also have a role in the planning, promotion and execution of next year’s Carrousel of the Nations.  

“Each member of this dynamic group embodies the spirit of Carrousel of the Nations by demonstrating pride in their culture and a desire to share it with others,” said Allison Johnson, President of the MCC and Chair of Carrousel of the Nations. “We look forward to engaging with them throughout this next year and incorporating their fresh voices and perspectives into next year’s festival.”      



Continuing our mission of creating a welcoming community for all,

The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County is excited to announce that with the support of ethnic and cultural organizations across our community, the spirit of windsor’s longest running festival is back (and a little different again)

this year. 


245 Janette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 4Z2

About Carrousel of The Nations

About The Carrousel of The Nations

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Carrousel of the Nations originated in June 1974, when the Arts Committee of Windsor, with the help of a $3,500 grant from the Ministry of Culture and Recreation, presented Windsor’s inaugural Multicultural Festival. 

Held at St. Clair College’s Patterson Campus, the first Multicultural Festival was comprised of three days of folk arts, crafts and foods. The weekend’s finale featured a concert at the former Cleary Auditorium with eighteen groups performing to an audience of over 800. The festival was regarded as a tremendous success and inspired what we today know as the Carrousel of the Nations. 

The following year, with co-operation from the Freedom Festival, a downtown bazaar was held in the Cleary Auditorium parking lot featuring fourteen ethnic food booths together with a large exhibit of cultural artifacts. In 1976, the Ontario Government announced a cultural grants program inviting groups to submit their proposals for the Cultural Olympics.

Formal planning began in February 1976, and the weekend of June 11th was confirmed along with the concept of separate ethno-cultural villages - Carrousel of the Nations.

47 years later, the award-winning Carrousel of the Nations is an integral part of the region’s summer festival season. Carrousel engages through food, music, and dance. The only ethnic and multicultural festival in the region, Carrousel provides residents and visitors with exposure to a wide array of cultures and traditions which they may otherwise never experience. The MCC is proud to coordinate the efforts of individual ethnic communities and to assist in educating and entertaining countless attendees as we celebrate the diversity that makes Windsor so amazing. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person in 2022!

June 17-19 and June 24-26




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